Benvenuti a Casa Berardi

Casa Berardi"Casa Berardi" is one of the most ancient building in the rural up-country of Ortona. Casa Berardi's origins are dating back to 1700.

Casa Berardi is located on 150 metres of altitude in the heart of Abruzzo Region, in the city of Ortona, which is in the province of Chieti. Casa Berardi is placed on the ancient path for transhumance toward Puglia Region, which was travelled by Hannibal. This
path was the main route for Hannibal's army toward Cannes.

Casa Berardi overlooks a green hollow and wide farms and it has got a beautiful landscape on the Majella mountain chain.

During Second World War "Casa Berardi" was a ground control and it became a strategic path in the German defensive system. The building, named The little Stalingrad was important to avoid the Canadian occupancy of Ortona city.

"Casa Berardi", a perfect union of nature, art and history.